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Discover how you can enjoy Film's online original series, hit movies and more. Film online is available with or without a TV Shows package or through an existing digital subscription.

About Film online

We present exceptional, hand-picked films to a community of film lovers and makers connected by meaningful and entertaining cinematic experiences. We are committed to the advancement and preservation of film art and culture, delivering a 50% revenue share to our films’ rights holders.

OUR STORY is the Gaza’s leading short film, animation and virtual reality festival.

The Film Online TV discovers, supports and develops new talent in film making, providing , Watch Online a platform for emerging and established filmmakers from around the world, and continues to be a unique meeting place for the industry.

Film Online TV

Film Online TV provides easy and free access to catalogue information of Film Online TV and TV Series from all over the world. Via the multi-lingual web portal film works can be searched for by content.

TV Series | Film Online TV


Film Online TV is the new name for ABC Family. Film Online TV provides you with two ways to enjoy your favorite Film shows:


 - watch full episodes anytime, anywhere in the world.


 - Watch live on your favorite supported device!


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Where can I get TV Series and Film Online TV?

What are the minimum system requirements?


You must have the following minimum computer system requirements in order to play videos:

  • Your desktop computer at

  • The iTunes App Store on supported Apple devices

  • Google Play or the Amazon Appstore on supported Android and Fire Tablets

    • A high speed Internet connection with sufficient download speeds of 1.5 Mbps or better.

    • Adobe Flash Player 10.2 and above.


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